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Sandra Krncevic


Sandra is leading CBS AID and strives to guide and develop the organization. She is particularly intrigued by marketing and branding and everything it can do. She started out as Head of Marketing, but in August 2019 she took over the president title. Sandra believes that people who think they can change the world ultimately will, and her vision is to make the world a better place – one kind act at a time.

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Anna Boon-meemakova

Event Coordinator

To keep herself busy, Anna takes part in both the online marketing and event teams. She makes sure you can follow up on our story and join us on our journey. Through CBS AID, Anna hopes that we can raise the awareness of the lack of the quality education and engage more young people in taking action. Also, she will bake brownies and banana cakes to make you come to our events.


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Event Coordinator

Within the Events team of CBS AID, Emma is responsible for securing partnerships for specific events and applying for funding. Her previous involvement with various volunteer organizations and her passion for social change made CBS AID the perfect fit for her. Through the events of CBS AID, Emma hopes to encourage other students at CBS to use their impactful platform to have a positive impact in the world.

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Paulina Mikkelsen

Event Coordinator

Paulina is one of our highly skilled event managers at CBS AID and will use her professional experience within event management, and her former Taekwondo training, to make our events ‘kick-ass’ great. Paulina’s aim for CBS AID is to have a real effect on student life in Copenhagen, so we can create a real difference for students in Bangladesh.

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Dieu Linh Nguyenova

Event Coordinator

Linh is one of the essential bridges between you and CBS AID. She is responsible for onboarding members and communications. Within this initiative, she'd like to encourage young talents to think beyond their own interests for the benefit of society, to give back what we have been receiving, to fill up someone else’s heart while filling up our own heart.

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Sebastian Scheidt

Digital Marketing Coordinator

As a part of our Marketing team, Sebastian is responsible for the way CBS AID is presenting itself to the public, including the website, graphics and online campaigns. His vision is to reach more students with CBS AID - and to extend the impact each and every one can make. Besides his studies, Sebastian shows great interest in sustainability and loves to engage in constructive debates.

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Cassandra Bork

Marketing Coordinator

As part of the marketing team at CBS AID, Cassandra hopes to raise awareness, especially amongst students in Copenhagen, about the challenges that kids and young people face in the rest of the world. She found that joining CBS AID when she started at CBS was a natural fit for her. Marketing has always been of great interest to Cassandra, especially when the message being spread can create real change.


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Head of Partnerships

Raphael is the Head of the Partnerships team and believes in the opportunity that CBS AID offers to both students and corporations. He has grown up in three different continents where he has experienced the disparities of the world, making him logically attracted to the project and values of CBS AID. He argues that in order for CBS AID to make the most significant impact, teaming up with innovative and forwarding thinking companies is the way to go.

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Finance Coordinator

Bianca is here to assist with anything numbers related. She is currently studying innovation management and hopes her accounting background combined with her innovative outlook can be used to give back to those less fortunate. Her vision for CBS AID is to provide students with an answer to the question “how can I help?”

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Advisory Board

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Wung Sung

Sara founded CBS AID and has been highly committed to establishing and growing the organisation as the former President. After graduating from OIE at CBS, Sara took on the role as Chairman of the Board to continuously promote and participate in the work of bringing students and businesses together to put focus on impactful initiatives with CBS AID.


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Klement Rasmussen

Danske Bank


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Rasmus Grand Berthelsen

Rasmus joined CBS AID back when it was founded and helped build the first external relationships of the organisation as Head of Partnerships. Upon his graduation from IBP and CEMS at CBS, Rasmus works with political consulting in Copenhagen and Brussels. He now serves on the Advisory Board of CBS AID, where he promotes corporate partnerships and dialogue.


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Lisa Maria Kahlen