New partnership with Ticketbutler!

We are happy to announce that CBS AID has entered into an event partnership with Ticketbutler, a young and ambitious ticketing platform.

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Ticketbutler provides its services free of charge to CBS AID so that every single penny from CBS AID event tickets and donations go directly to charitable causes. No fees, no administration, just donations. But why would a small Copenhagen-based startup, which is already strapped for resources and time, use its energy on charitable work? We talked to Mads Kjer, CEO and co-founder of Ticketbutler and Rasmus Grand, Head of Partnerships at CBS AID.

Charities and startups are probably among the worst business models in the world but, this isn’t the only similarity that they share. Both are usually understaffed, underfunded, and their reach is very limited. In fact, a major cause of a startups failing is wasted advertising budget, which is also very familiar to charity organisations. And that’s quite sad indeed, because both charities and startups also happen to be the two business models most likely to improve the planet in one way or another.

“For us, it’s not a matter of marketing or advertising. It’s about serving a purpose. Building a meaningful and permanent commitment into our startup from day one is a good starting point. While it creates more purpose and direction internally, it also has some benefits externally, giving people a concrete reason to believe in us and what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Mads Kjer.

So why did Ticketbutler decide to support CBS AID with its expertise and solutions?

“Many of us want to make the world a better place but the prospect is so huge that we have to start somewhere small. At Ticketbutler, we’re passionate about helping event organisers get the most out of their hard work organising events. Since organising events is exactly what CBS AID does, we have the potential to make a huge impact together,” says Mads, and continues: “The way I look at it, charities and startups are alike in many ways. Each of us wants to change the world as soon as we possibly can.”

Head of Partnerships at CBS AID, Rasmus Grand, agrees with Mads Kjer that small startups and charities have many similarities, while charities still have many things to learn from startups such as Ticketbutler: “In my experience, charities aren't as agile as young startups. At CBS AID, we are trying to change that and use some of the lean startup principles to raise more money by testing new concepts, and quickly pivoting to another model if it doesn’t work out,” says Rasmus.

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Ticketbutler is not like Eventbrite, TicketMaster, Billetto or any of the other major ticketing companies. Quite opposite, Ticketbutler is a simple alternative that puts the organiser’s brand in focus, doesn’t add intransparent fees to each ticket, and offers homepage integrations. In addition, it doesn’t utilise customer data themselves, but only provide valuable data to the organiser.

“And that way of working goes both ways,” adds Mads. “Because of our small size, we can adopt faster to each others’ needs and quickly get things going. Although we at Ticketbutler do not have the financial resources to donate large amounts to charity, we can help CBS AID work much more efficient in an important area of their daily operations, thereby using our resources to make a large impact for the greater good.”

The partnership between CBS AID and Ticketbutler is a good example of how a charity and a startup have vital skills they can share with each other, which means quicker growth and more money for everyone. Not only do they share vital skills, they can also benefit from each others’ goodwill. According to Rasmus, “entrepreneurial culture is getting increasingly popular and encouraged politically, while charitable initiatives like CBS AID have received much praise from the corporate world. By joining forces, we can open doors that would not have been possible to open on our own.”

Mads agrees that benefitting from each others’ goodwill and connections is important to every startup, but underlines that the partnership with CBS AID is based on a desire to make the world a better place. “We have been part of several incubator and accelerator programs with other startups, and have benefited tremendously from the collaborative culture in such environments. But working with charities like CBS AID adds a social dimension and purpose to our business, which is something Ticketbutler has pursued since we started.”

“I hope that people who read this will understand that charities and startups are alike in many ways, even if we have different starting points,” says Rasmus, and continues: “our partnership with Ticketbutler allows both of us to channel our resources to where they make the most impact. By focusing on what we’re good at, we collaborate to make the world a better place.”

Sebastian Scheidt