Turn kids
into students.


More than 7 million children in Bangladesh are still affected by involuntary child labor. These children have very limited or no access to education as they are being kept away from schooling. At the same time, students in Denmark profit from free education and even get governmental incentives for studying. It is time that we give something back and turn those kids in Bangladesh into students.

CBS AID is the first Danish student organization which empowers university students to take action and help children in need. Our main pillars are creating fundraising activities, attracting corporate partners for events and shaping awareness for the deficits we're fighting. Our partner UNICEF provides us unique access to support the children on their way from child labor to a brighter, education-based future.



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Many students dream of making a difference for the less fortunate. However, most do not know where to start and they also feel that many options don't provide them with the opportunity of having an actual impact. CBS AID is here to change and creates a unique environment where students actively support the social project by donating, shaping activities or collaborating with external partners.

It is CBS AID’s purpose to empower students in Denmark to take action in order to help children in need across the world by collaborating with partners such as UNICEF and Student & Innovation House. By financially backing those projects, we can give the kids a choice in life and enable them to take control over their future. CBS AID aims at creating a better world for all, starting at Copenhagen Business School.


By gathering many students in the network, even a small donation can create a real impact. Participating students have an opportunity to break out of their business bubble and get in touch with social work and related institutions. 

CBS AID promises to our partners unique access to out-of-the-box thinking students who are willing to collaborate and mutually broaden horizons. Business partners can challenge their existing strategies and gain valuable student inputs.


Our story.  

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Chapter 1 - A dream was born

Being a student at CBS means being professional in finance, strategy or marketing. However, we don't get taught how to have an actual impact to make the world a better place. We, therefore, dreamt of starting a student organization that could empower students to have a social impact & and connects likeminded.

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Chapter 2 - From idea to reality?

We knew we needed partners in order to have maximum impact. Therefore, we decided to reach out to UNICEF Denmark and briefly explained our idea in a mail. Within 12 hours, UNICEF Denmark's Chairman Alfred Josefsen and Executive Director Steen M. Andersen replied that they wanted to meet.

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Chapter 3 - Sealing the deal

The meeting was set up and we pitched our partnership idea to Steen and the Head of Communications Line Grove Hermansen: They loved our project and the waiting game for official approval started.

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Chapter 4 - Starting the movement 

We knew that we would need a great bunch of dedicated students to properly kick off the initiative and made use of our CBS network. We experienced a huge interest in our project and quickly managed to gather an amazing organizing committee consisting of both bachelor and master students from different backgrounds.

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Chapter 5 - Reaping the fruits

We planted the seeds and are now ready to launch a bunch of different activities and projects in order to turn children in Bangladesh into students with a bright future.



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