Humans of CBS AID: Sara

Our Founder Sara Wung-Sung is kicking off the new series where we show you why we started CBS AID and what motivation is driving the individual members behind the initiative.

“The greatest motivation for me to start CBS AID was to empower the youth.

As Nelson Mandela cleverly said, our children are the rock on which our future will be built upon, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people.

With CBS AID, I wish to offer bright students in Denmark an organization they can go to if they want to support a project with a donation that fits their budget, or if they have a desire to acquire philanthropic work experience while making an impact. Likewise, I aspire to enable kids in Bangladesh to take control over their future by turning them into students and give them the resources that enable them to go to school such as books and pencils. This is truly important to me as I believe that knowledge is power.

Knowledge comes in many forms, but I personally believe that the ability to read is one of the most important forms. If one is able to read, one can acquire further knowledge by reading books and articles and thereby broadening one’s horizon. Unfortunately, not everyone can read and are forced to accept that part of their knowledge is strictly limited to what they are being told by others. In Bangladesh, approximately 7,5 million children are involved in child labor and have limited or no access to education. Thus, many of these children will never learn to read if we do not act now.

CBS AID presents an opportunity for young motivated individuals to make an important difference, either by volunteering or donating. Many always say that they want to help make the world a better place but do not know where to start, or do not feel that they have the resources to make an actual difference. 'What can I do, I am just one person'. I started CBS AID to change this idea – everyone can make a difference if they want to, and CBS AID is here to be the catalyst for that."

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Marco Schneider