Humans of CBS AID: Raphael

Raphael is one of our Partnership Managers. He makes sure we are able to provide amazing events with attractive companies. Read more about why Raphael decided to join CBS AID in the blog post here

Hello, I’m Raphael, working as a partnership manager, and a fresh face at CBS AID. I am a half French-half Danish student having grown up in Europe and Africa, currently on the last semester of my bachelor Business, Language and Culture. However, when I am not busy understanding the influences of culture on business or writing my bachelor thesis, I am an eager member of CBS AID. I think that in order to understand who I am and why I am here, the best thing would be for me to explain why I consider CBS AID to be as impactful as I think it is. Ever since I met Sara one day at CBS and she explained her idea to me, I have been convinced that CBS AID was exactly the student organisation I was missing, and is exactly the student organisation that is missing at CBS. With CBS AID, I am persuaded that through the students and our partners, we will be able to make a real difference for the children in Bangladesh. Here is why:

Raphael CBSAid.jpg

Business students are taught how to understand economies on a large scale, how to read an income statement, or how to be international managers, and can sometimes forget the bigger picture. Students may forget the privilege that studying in Denmark brings, with free higher education and governmental grants in some cases. As Denmark is a small country that is running very smoothly (most of the time), it is easy to focus on the small problems in our life, how many assignments we have due for next week, or whether you have enough money to buy that new phone. Still, when it comes down to it, we all have incredibly privileged lives. CBS AID is a gentle reminder to us students of the inequalities and injustice happening elsewhere in the world, but more importantly an opportunity to have a direct impact on making the world a better place for all, and not just a selected few.

Secondly, nowadays the amount of information that is available to us daily is astonishing, and unfortunately, not very positive most of the time. It is easy to feel a little helpless and lost, not knowing where to start in order to help, or what one individual can do faced with today’s many problems. But together we can, and I trust that CBS AID provides a platform and community for students wanting to actively make a change for the better. The partners of CBS AID are also playing an important role in what we are able to achieve, constantly giving us the ability to increase our importance and the reach of both our message and actions. Now, we are just missing you. You can help by donating, joining as a volunteer or just going to the events organised by CBS AID, and increasing the awareness about these inequalities.

Basically, I am just a student wanting to improve the lives of the children in Bangladesh, one book at the time. I hope you are interested to join us on our mission, and you can do so here.

Sebastian Scheidt