Humans of CBS AID: Lisa

Lisa is our legal housekeeper, as she puts it herself, but don’t get fooled by the name. Lisa plays a unique role in our journey to supply children in Bangladesh with education. “You would be surprised by how much you are capable of, when no one is looking over your shoulder.”

My name is Lisa, and I’ve had the honors to contribute with my help by steering and dealing with all legal issues at CBS AID.  When I’m not boring my colleagues at CBS AID with contracts, GDPR and compliance, I am finishing off my studies in Business Administration and Commercial law.

Around last year when Sara announced that she was starting CBS AID, I remember thinking what a great opportunity it was – and moreover, a clever fit for CBS’s many student organizations. I’ve since my start at CBS been keen to get involved in a student organization, and CBS AID was the society I’d been waiting for. I finally found a place where I could share my somewhat conflicting interests of business, law and humanitarian work with other CBS students. What was even better was, that I would be supporting with my legal knowledge in a broad aspect of prospects.

I chose to get involved with CBS AID due to my previous volunteer experiences within humanitarian work. The only difference being that I would now be using my brain instead of hands. Furthermore, I was curious of learning more about working in the cross field of business, commercial law and humanitarian work.


My role at CBS AID may at the first glance seem superficial, as my work doesn’t really include strategies on how to get donations or more importantly, support our current mission on helping children in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, legal housekeeping is an important asset when wanting to maintain our core values. Therefore, I see myself as the small, tiny clog that makes the clock tick. My supporting function includes many different responsibilities and not one assignment has been equal the other. I do what I can to risk assess my colleagues’ tasks and make sure that they are compliant with the applicable laws.

To me, it has been a great opportunity to put a lot of the theory I’ve learnt throughout the years into practice without having somebody else telling me what to do. You would be surprised by how much you are capable of, when no one is looking over your shoulder.

Therefore, I would like to round off by encouraging everyone to get involved into a student society whether it being CBS AID or any other society, as it has exposed me to working with a highly skilled team with profound respect for each other, and a fantastic opportunity of doing something great for others.

Sebastian Scheidt