Humans of CBS AID: Marco

Marco is the Swiss Army Knife of CBS AID pulling the marketing & communications strings.  Get to know why he joined Sara in building Denmark’s first student organization which empowers students to take action and help children in need.

“I left my home town Zurich almost two years ago to study Organizational Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CBS as I am passionate about creating new ventures and gathering groups of likeminded people around that. Unlike all the prejudices about the Danes being reserved people, I quickly connected with many locals and ended up being close friends with Sara who pitched me her idea of founding that new organization called CBS AID. I didn’t hesitate any second and was thrilled to start up the initiative because of manifold reasons.

Marco Schneider.jpg

First of all, being a foreigner here has shown me that the city of Copenhagen is incredibly welcoming, international and easy to flourish in. However, social organizations are historically locally-anchored and not open for international volunteers - mostly due to the language barriers. CBS AID on the other side has an international mindset and helps international students in connecting to the local humanitarian ecosystem. Being only half a year old, our amazing team of more than 5 nationalities has already forged strong relationships with local partners such as The Boston Consulting Group and UNICEF Denmark.

Secondly, I also want to emphasize on our core value that knowledge is power. Students here should not only create fundraising events but also actively develop their skillsets and passions by becoming event planners, business developers or strategy consultants. At their jobs, many student talents get slowed down by company processes or their limited working time and cannot fully unfold their capabilities. Our organization provides them that flexibility and great responsibility as we are all fast-paced, motivated and following the ultimate goal of making the world a slightly better place. This allows us learning-by-doing and cross-functional knowledge sharing so we can all extend our knowledge while doing what we love.

Lastly, CBS AID is here to create awareness on global inequalities and humanitarian challenges. It is difficult to understand the magnitude of the crisis and poverty situation in Bangladesh in a privileged and socially leading country as Denmark because we are more concerned about when Apple will launch the next iPhone rather than understanding global conflicts. We are all profiting from a free education system here but often lose the sensitivity that more than 250 million children do not have access to schooling. Through extensive awareness campaigns and dialogues with diverse partners, we will become an active voice of all those less lucky children. Follow us on our social media to stay updated and learn about future events we are hosting.”

Marco Schneider